Thank you to everyone that came out to support us as we take steps towards a cancer free community. Our Go Pink 5k Run/Walk Event was a success. Don't miss next year's.

Daily 49er

The following is an excerpt from an article written by CSULB's newspaper, the Daily 49er:

More than 50 participants entered to raise funds for breast cancer awareness yesterday as part of the We Love You Mommy Foundation’s first Go Pink 5K Run/Walk on campus.

The walk raised an estimated $3,500 to $4,200 as participants walked throughout campus in pink shirts and wristbands that read "We Love You Mommy.

All proceeds from the event will go toward providing mammogram exams in the City of Long Beach, co-founder of the foundation Julian Courtney said.

"We raised the funds to pay for women’s mammograms in the city … and men, the 1 percent of men that are diagnosed,” Courtney said.
“We promote health, healthy living, exercising on a regular basis, eating good on a regular basis and getting screened on a yearly basis."

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