via Julian Courtney, WLYM Founder

Our bands were created originally to raise funds for my mother's care as she battled breast cancer: we had no idea that created something special. I would ask donors who purchased a band to email me a picture or tag me on social media of them wearing the band. The bands received such a tremendous response that I wanted to share it with my mother.

I gathered the photos and I showed them to her. The way her face brightened at the sight of the support from all over the globe I knew we had embarked on something great.

She was so excited we discussed sharing the love with all those that are in the fight with cancer. She wanted to let them know that there are people all over the world pulling for their victory. Unfortunately my mother isn't able to be here, but you are. Help us put smiles on faces and hope in hearts by donating for your We Love You Mommy Bands. Lets Band Together for a cure!

Don't forget to email us a picture of you and your family in the bands or tag us @weloveyoumommy and use hashtag #wlym.